doublenecked vessel
"Pottery is, at once, the simplest and the most difficult of all art. It is the simplest because it is the most elemental. It is the most difficult because it is the most abstract." Herbert Read [from The Meaning of Art.]

Technical Information

I mainly use a pale firing stoneware clay body [B17C from Valentine Clays Ltd. of Stoke on Trent]. Occasionally, I use a porcelain clay.
My larger, hand (slab or coil) built pieces are made with clay, which I have modified by the addition of sand, grog or grit and occasionally, I have impressed small shards of fired ceramic or glass into the surface.
All my work is fired in an electric kiln, first biscuited to 1000C then to cone 8 about 1250C.

Personal Statement

I retired from a full-time teaching post in 1999, in order to concentrate more fully on making my own work. Since then, I have focused on producing a range of simple vessel forms including bowls and vases in matt and textural glazes mainly in turquoise through to mauve colours.
Many of my bowls have textural or pierced rims and some have glass melted into the base. In my colours and textures, I am indirectly referring to my long term interest in the sea, coastal rocks, erosion, fossils, shells and coral.

I also make a small range of every day practical ware, in a variety of blue and green colours, mainly mugs, jugs, bowls and teapots.

For a link to a short video clip of me throwing a pot.

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